Free Gas For Your Road Trip!


Who can’t use Free Gas? I know I can. Coupons are everywhere but where are they for free gas? I cannot find them. But what I can find are many of the different venues in which companies are willing to reward you for the use of their gas. Companies like Shell, BP, Cheveron. Constantly they come up with creative ways to get you to use their gas. I keep it simple and use Costco gas. I save money every time I am at the pump.

The Costco card helps the consumer with a special savings at the pump each time you shop there and fuel up! Making a road trip and saving money, make sure you find all the Costco stores along your journey. It is that simple. I am not for going out of my way for just about anything, but saving money sure I will try that. Many of these stores are just minutes away from your travels. Free gas coupons are also offered in the way of gift cards by companies like Publix. If you check the local flyer at Publix, you can find the gift card of $50.00 for a gas to be used at companies like Shell, and BP for the special price of $40.00 giving you a special savings of $10.00.

Other companies like Winn Dixie, also offer special savings at the pump at companies like Shell by rewarding you for shopping at their grocery stores. These rewards come as a monetary savings at the pump once you swipe your shopping card. Many times that swipe can earn you a free gas savings of 0.10 cents or more. Making the Winn Dixie gas savings a favorite of this blogs. So the next time you are going to fill ‘er up and are making a road trip, the smart person will factor in their cost savings into fuel. Free gas is not out there, at least not all the time. However saving on gas, is out there and it is achievable.

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