Are Free Gas Coupons Really Non-Existant?

The search for free gas coupons goes on for me, as I cry each time that I have to fill up both cars in my home to the tune of about $110.00 a week. Ouch! There are really some incredible incentives out there for fuel consumption but I have yet to run into them. I know of the special incentive that Winn Dixie offers their loyal customers, but not everyone shops near a Winn Dixie. Will people really shop somewhere in order to same a few cents on the gallon at the pump? I believe they would if they were smart shoppers. Really this is one of the incentives out there that really work and really has no gimmick attached to the value that customers receive as part of being involved in the fuel program.

For many people who drive fuel has become the topic of serious decision making between them spending money on other very necessary household items or simply filling up the tank of their vehicle. I will tell you this the fuel seems to last more in my vehicle when I fill the tank up as opposed to when I put say $25.00 into the tank, and get about 1/2 a tank or less. I am sure there is a logical explanation to that, not something that I really want to dive right into and talk about here. But nonetheless people are making some life decisions at the pump and it should not be that way.
Free Gas Coupons And Savings

So do not get me wrong, I am not telling everyone to join the Winn Dixie program for fuel in order to save money of the price of a gallon of gasoline. Additionally I do not in any way shape or form work for Winn Dixie, but I do know that I save plenty of money with their program. You would too if you started to introduce Winn Dixie as the place in which you purchase your groceries.

I mean here is the thought process behind that. If you have the Winn Dixie chain of supermarkets near you, and shop anyway. What would really preclude you from taking advantage of this special savings that the Winn Dixie corporation offers its customers? Nothing really, so make it a point to join the Shell Gasoline Win Dixie program and stop making life decisions at the pump, when all you really should be doing is fueling up!